Being a Fitness Diva

A Fitness Diva should live, breathe, and dream about exercise and should start her days with a run, followed by a weight training session. It will make her body and mind feel great and gives her the strength and motivation to glide through the rest of the day. Everyone shouldn’t be like one another and rather they should live their lives finding their personal fitness happiness.

A fitness Diva is a woman that makes the time to take care of her body through exercise and nutrition.


A true fitness diva should wake up in the morning, usually after dreams of how to make her workouts more effective, eager to hit the gym and to meet a group of friends to run and hit the weights. Sometimes they should even just read a magazine on the elliptical machine. Every day is different, and try continually to challenge oneself to get stronger, run faster or further, and just overall improve the body.

Some people consider diva’s fitness routine fanatical. Their workouts are treated with the upmost importance and priority in life, because of the way they feel. Some are addicted to the feeling they receive from pushing their self-harder and achieving more every day.

Exercise is an important part of life. When your body feels strong, so does your mind. You are able to make better decisions, you sleep better, you eat healthier, and just overall feel happier. Your body begins looking better and in turn your attitude towards life shifts in a positive direction. It is an overall win-win situation.

Everyone needs to find the level of fitness to fit their lifestyle and improve their overall health. Try working out and motivating others to work out. Realistically, you need to find the routine that fits into your current lifestyle to enhance your life, not burden it. They all have enough obligations and do not need to add another. When you can view your fitness routine as an enhancement to your life, not a burden, you will have an easier time to make it a lifestyle.

Ways of become a fitness Diva:

First of all, maximize your workout time. You do not have to spend hours a day exercising to receiving maximum benefits. You do have to strength train. You need to add weight training to your fitness routine. If you have an hour a day to work-out, spend 30 minutes on cardio and 30 minutes strength training.

Do what you love. If you hate running, don't run. For the cardio portion of your workout, jump on the Elliptical machine, ride a bike, or dance your way healthy. If you love the activity your doing, you will naturally want to do it and want to keep doing it. This is the key to making exercise part of your lifestyle.

Change your thinking. If you look at exercise as one more item on your to-do list, it will become a chore and your mind will find excuses to skip it. Change your perception. Remind yourself why you love to exercise, how wonderful you feel after your sweat session, and most importantly how much closer you are to your goals of being a Fitness Diva!

Keeping this tips in mind, you will quickly find your groove and feel better than you thought possible and then you will become one.